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Our Mission

is to overcome the barriers to climate action through the power of creativity.

Our Work

We focus on three key areas to change the system

We support the next generation of climate actors.

We bring together experts from across the creative and climate communities to produce world-leading insights and tools to support the transition.

We create collaborative platforms that turn ambition into action.

Empowering citizens, companies & countries to become effective stewards of life on the planet

Our ultimate goal is to support new and existing initiatives and organizations that are working towards a decarbonized nature-positive economy so that we can all thrive in a healthy, resilient and zero carbon world


Interconnected threats relating to climate change, biodiversity loss, land and ocean degradation, pollution and unsustainable consumption and production in our current climate reality are painting a dystopian picture of the future, hindering progress and promoting inaction and hopelessness.

In order to catalyze the system-wide response needed to effectively tackle the climate crisis, we must create a global mobilization to shift public opinion and promote behavioral change by building new climate narratives and positively reimagining our visions of the future.



our team

The New Zero World team is growing and is expected to continue to expanding in order to support each of our action pillars through 2030.

Natalia Vega

Founder, Executive Director

Chris Moscardi
Christopher Moscardi

Marketing Director

Ross Findon
Ross Findon

Communications Director

Nicol Ruiz
Nicol Ruiz

Project Coordinator

Mohammad Shaan
Mohammad Shaan

Graphic Designer

Jose Chen
Jose Chen

Research Coordinator (Internship)

Daniel Berry
Daniel Berry

Office Manager

Michael Tracy
Michael Tracy

Chairman of Global Brain Foundation

Omnia El Omrani

Chair of Youth Programme

Bella Lack

Volunteer Coordinator

Vision Council

Diverse minds, experiences, and multicultural leadership expertise to bolster and prove the New Zero World bold intentions through insights and directional actions.

Peter Hall
Sweta Chakraborty
Sherry Kennedy
Ann Rosenberg
Txai Surui
Lauren Sorkin
Xiye Bastida
Paula Taylor
Tom Lindboe
Sophia Kianni
Paddy Loughman
Maximo Mazzocco
David Kingsbury
Christa Gyori

Our operating principles

HYPER-COLLABORATIVE. There is no time for competition and no time to reinvent the wheel. Now is the time for action, together.
SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES. Carbon offsetting for our travel, remote work whenever possible, meatless events & more.
DECENTRALIZED OPERATIONS. Using Web3 technologies and methodologies to include everyone & boost influence.
INCLUSION. Bringing people of all backgrounds to the table to advise our efforts in order to make one, global brain.
INTERGENERATIONAL. Creating a multigenerational workforce to drive knowledge sharing among key age groups.

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