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The Global Commons Alliance and New Zero World release their research paper: A New Era in Climate Communications at Climate Week NYC

New York, NY – On the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 78) , the Global Commons Alliance & New Zero World released their research paper for A New Era In Climate Communications with over 60 contributors from around the globe. 

This paper, A New Era in Climate Communications, along with an expansive digital knowledge hub, enables organizations, companies, campaigners and policymakers to access reliable, evidence-based information on how to engage different audiences on climate issues. At the heart of this effort will be the Earth Public Information Collaborative (EPIC), a first of its kind, new initiative drawing on experience from experts on climate communications, world class marketers, the creative community, media and tech power, grassroots organizers, and science experts to bridge the gap between science and society, and to catalyze public engagement at a global scale for people and planet.

“We all need to become multipliers of messages, and we need to think critically about what kind of story we are telling. Are we telling a story of despair and inevitability? Or are we telling a story of hope, possibility, and human agency? More importantly, are we making it clear that there are choices that we can make, which will determine what kind of future we are going to have?” – Natalia Vega-Berry, Founder/CEO, New Zero World 

“The goal is to mobilize a global coalition to engage the public at unprecedented scale with public service campaigns, accurate science and reporting, and easily accessed resources for action and solutions to protect people and the planet. We need to move millions of  people off the sidelines and into action. ”  – Tim Kelly, Executive Director of Earth HQ at Global Commons Alliance

The Global Commons Alliance and New Zero World are providing  this research study to the world as a tool to support a transformation in how we communicate about climate change by engaging the public and building the political will needed to implement policies strong enough to confront the crisis with the urgency required. This paper will present pathways to transformative new narratives, which will allow us to reimagine a vision of our future. 

Building on this journey will be EPIC, a global coalition of multi-sector stakeholders—from diverse  voices, young people, media and tech experts, the creative community, to the frontlines of the climate crisis—engaging the public at unprecedented scale with public service campaigns.

“Large-scale change requires large-scale understanding of the problem, and large-scale enthusiasm for being part of the solution. Experts, advocates and activists have led the charge for many years — and then all of a sudden, everyone else joins the effort.” – Rajiv Shah, President, Rockefeller Foundation 

A downloadable teaser of what’s to come can be found here

Click here to download the full whitepaper.

The digital knowledge hub is an ongoing resource providing updated, accessible, effective climate communications to the public.


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