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Momentum is building behind the Earth Public Information Collaborative and its mission to convene the creative community on behalf of Earth.

EPIC, an initiative convened by the Global Commons Alliance in partnership with New Zero World, is a unified global ecosystem that bridges the scientific and creative communities to:

  • Enable relevant and effective climate and biodiversity storytelling that drives action at scale
  • Unify planetary science communications in the media, functioning as a true, trusted voice
  • Popularize hope, understanding and climate action

Through this initiative, we are working with partners, to address three key challenges standing in the way of an effective response to climate change:

The general public needs to communicate what climate change means in the mind of the public and the potential effects in their lives. In addition, we have to communicate the solutions to understand what to do about it. The lack of information is in  part due to flawed education, news, and communications systems.

Global creative + communications communities  are incredibly playing an important role and key industry ally in the creation of global campaigns  to inspire large-scale adoption and understanding of the challenges and actions.

The media  is responsible for amplifying messaging to diverse audiences. How we can create frameworks and organize to deploy messaging at the scale and speed needed.

Working with  our friends at Accenture Song, and following a series of insightful roundtables at COP28, we have shaped a series of exciting partnership opportunities for those who share our vision and are looking to make an impact at a global scale.

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